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Gas Saving Tips

1. Go easy on the gas pedal.  Accellerate smoothly.  The trick is to keep your RPM low.  The lower your RPM, the less gas you'll burn.

3. Check your tire pressure.  Low tire pressure means more rolling resistance, which takes more fuel to keep the vehicle moving. Most drivers don't realize they're driving on under-inflated tires (Most tires lose about 1 psi per month.) Check them regularly.


2. Keep your windows rolled up at high speeds.  When your car windows are down, air flow in the vehicle increases drag, resulting in as much as a 10% decrease in fuel economy.  With that said, slower speeds with the A/C off can also save you some gas.

4.  Replace or clean your air filter.  Maximum air flow to your car's engine is another important tribute to better gas mileage.  Most need to be replaced every 6,000 miles and it doesn't hurt to blow the dust off between replacement time.

5.  Keep it light.  Remove any unneccessary cargo from your backseat, trunk, or the bed of your pickup.  The more weight you hall, the more gas you'll burn.

6.  Avoid braking when possible.  Braking wastes energy from fuel you already burned.  Stay at a constant speed and coast to your stops rather than braking prematurely.  Also, maintain a safe distance between the car in front of you so you aren't wasting fuel each time you're forced to brake.